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  • Ice Life with Montell Griffin

    Ice Life with Montell Griffin

    A live and prerecorded podcast about Montell Ice Griffins, community, beliefs, likes and dislikes. Join me on this rare journey.
  • Eating For Energy & Weight Loss

    Eating For Energy & Weight Loss

    I believe that the body was beautifully designed, and that, in most circumstances, it is capable of Healing itself. Join me on a Journey to health that will transform you Life and body: Heal your relationship to food, body, and weight without crash dieting or over exercise. Reduce your toxic load so you can reclaim your health and live free from pain, inflammation, sickness, and disease. Begin living again, rather than just existing.
  • Big Homie Production 757 Stop The Violence

    Big Homie Production 757 Stop The Violence

    Hello family, my name is Eddie Key from Memphis TN, I was a troubled kid all my life, been on my on since the age of 10,& I was in the state pen by the of 14, but look at God 💪🏾I'm Here. I'm here to share how to get over the streets to anyone who needs it, so please join and support, our children needs the love 💙
  • Constitutional Patriot Podcast - Thursdays

    Constitutional Patriot Podcast - Thursdays

    A political analysis of current events political philosophies and the policies those philosophical constructs generate. Discussion of education policy. Comparison of educational systems between states and other countries. International policy and analysis. Political elections and the voting results in the different states.
  • Back In The Black with Frank Mosely - Mondays

    Back In The Black with Frank Mosely - Mondays

    Back In The Black podcast was created to provide a forum for people of color to discuss the important issue of Economic Growth for Communities of Color. The financial term “in the black” is used to refer to a company’s profitability and current financial health. When you’re in the black, it means you are producing positive earnings or outcomes. Our in depth conversations are focused on Culture, Heath. Education and Wealth. We pose the question to our guest and listeners how do we collectively get Back In the Black!
  • The LOFF - Wednesdays & Thursdays

    The LOFF - Wednesdays & Thursdays

    The LOFF is a platform show that shines on all the unknown stars of the world, our hard working independent artist. This is the comfort zone to all gifts and talents, the place to be 100% you. It's totally all about you and the opportunity to tell your story now. So lounge with me and let's light up the world together, in unity.

  • Today's Insights with Pastor Samanthea Jones - Sundays

    Today's Insights with Pastor Samanthea Jones - Sundays

    "Today's Insights with Pastor Samanthea Jones" are Spirit filled Bible based messages that are relevant to this present time. These impactful messages will stir hearts and minds. The aim is to encourage believers to continue in the faith and compel unbelievers to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, as we prepare for the coming of the Lord".

  • #LJDNLive Conversations @8 with Noir Raven - Check Schedule

    #LJDNLive Conversations @8 with Noir Raven - Check Schedule

    Noir Raven videos are about politics, life, and at times GenZ dating. He discusses trending topics regarding what’s going on in the world today his topics vary. Although quirky Raven is very serious about today’s situations and hopes to run for a political office in his future. diamondjulius78@gmail.com

  • GGBB Formerly Laugh Now Cry Later - Check Schedule

    GGBB Formerly Laugh Now Cry Later - Check Schedule

    Although I haven’t recorded a Podcast in a while doesn’t mean I am not coming back. Just like you, life gets in the way, you know your OTJ issues, working, dealing with these negros out here… need I say more. I hope you enjoy my podcast which is about life, my life, and sometimes that can suck. Never stop #reinventing yourself. jsavijre52@gmail.com

  • In The Cut with Jay  - Check Schedule

    In The Cut with Jay - Check Schedule

    Relationships, marriage, motivational, inspirational, heartwarming, funny, family.
  • Restoration For Live - Sundays

    Restoration For Live - Sundays

    With host Dr. Ruby Ward Relationships, motivational, inspirational, religious.
  • The Lina Jones  -Just Me- Podcast  - Check Schedule

    The Lina Jones -Just Me- Podcast - Check Schedule

    LJDNPodcast What’s up #diamonds! It’s me I am back with my new podcast “Lina Jones -Just Me-“ unscripted and no guest it’s a 30 min. podcast about STUFF as I like to call it. I talk about my break from podcasting, my studio during 2020 Covid, I am very open and candid. When you need relief and need to just get it off your chest, a podcast is a therapeutic way to do it. and why not start with LJDNPodcast and support a micro business. Check me out Monday’s.
  • DTS


    Valerie Simpson she has a variety of subjects from interviews to talks about religion, stock market and your overall health.
  • LJDNShow Archives

    LJDNShow Archives

    The archived shows of the original LJDNShow which started Lina Jones on her journey. There is 4 years of shows that were recorded in 2014, kept in its original format.

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