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A.I. Audio Technology Commercials

We accept commercials on all of our Internet Radio Stations at a very affordable price. You can send us your own audio commercial or have one produced in house. Samples of A.I. audio commercials, the best part is the cost of an A.I. commercial is less then having a live person, click a commercial to hear, it takes less then 24hrs in most cases to have your commercial up and running contact us for more information. Commercials can be on all LJDNetwork platforms . 
Request a media package to find out about all of this plus our banner advertisement space.

Short Commercials

Looking to put a more professional post on Facebook, IG, or Twitter? We are here to help with that as well. We have 60 mins. or less video commercials that fit all social media apps. These commercials are powerful and help get the message across for your products or services.  Our professionals can help with setting up your social media accounts, design your banner, and touch-up photos for profile pics. commercial short demonstration

We are A.I. friendly Listen to our A.I. Commercials

Request to see samples of our work and will send you a link.