About Us

About Us

We know about Podcasting and what it takes to become a Podcaster. We have been producing them since 2014 both live in the studio or through audio recording. LJDNPodcast is under the umbrella of the LJDNetwork which has been around since 2014. When we first started podcasting.   We have been playing on LJDNPodcast Radio platform since 2020.  Our podcasters are extraordinary folks from all over sharing all types of conversations for your entertainment.  We have a steadily growing medium network of about 50k strong, our CEO Lina Jones started Podcasting in 2014 on BTR and presently have 13450k listens downloads on the LJDNShow.  We care about your content want you to be heard. If you are a Podcast listener select a category in the search box and listen, if you can’t find a particular category email us and we will add it  (it must fit in the LJDNetwork culture)  or start it with your own Podcast! I you want your Podcast will be heard. Be empowered  get movin today and let us take care of your listeners.  To get started click the link below and please make sure your information is accurate for our representatives.


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