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Podcasting is here to stay. If you want to jump on this trend and start podcasting, we’re here to help. We offer a free four-week, one-day-a-week Podcast for thirty minutes each day. No login or registration is required, and no long-term commitment needed either. Just fill out the short Podcast Information Form, choose a plan that meets your budget needs and decide whether you want an optional web page with your subscription. Once your form is accepted, add pictures and write up a show description. Want to learn more? Hit the button! 


At LJDNPodcast, we’re proud to offer our Diamond Podcasters a platform to share their show and insights with the world. To qualify for being a featured  Podcaster, you must be signed up with LJDNPodcast and have registered as an official Podcaster. For more information about becoming featured or registering your own show, please visit our website.

The views expressed by our show host and/or Podcasters’ views and opinions are not necessarily the views, beliefs, or opinions of LJDNetwork or LJDNRadio and its associated websites.  However, if you have a valid complaint against any show please feel free to contact us or any of our entertainer’s email directly. We allow freedom of speech for our broadcasters with the acceptance of racist or degrading comments towards any person or sex.