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About My Sermons

Today’s Insights with Pastor Samanthea Jones” are Spirit filled Bible based messages that are relevant to this present time. These impactful messages will stir hearts and minds. The aim is to encourage believers to continue in the faith and compel unbelievers to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, as we prepare for the coming of the Lord”.

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Sermons Produced By Pastor Samanthea Jones

Sign of the time

Signs Of The Times

A Collection of The Churches

The Rise Of The Antichrist Part I

The Tribulation #6 The Rise of The Antichrist II

Pastor Samanthea Jones Easter Sermon 23

Revelation 3 Series

A Collection of The Churches

The Licentious Church

Bethlehem community church pastor samanthea jones

New Year Sermon at Bethlehem Community Church 2023

The Advent Series Christmas Story Sermons

A collection of Sermons designed to help you understand the true meaning of Christmas

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