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purple princess

About My Podcast

Although I haven’t recorded a Podcast in a while doesn’t mean I am not coming back. Just like you, life gets in the way, you know your  OTJ issues, working, dealing with these negros out here… need I say more. I hope you enjoy my podcast which is about life, my life, and sometimes that can suck.  Never stop #reinventing yourself.

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The SocialHealth Work Show

About Our Podcast

We are officially back and if you haven’t checked your subscription we are preparing for show #3 of S2. So far our start was good just a few minor bumps. But we are having fun and we want you to as well. Ready to listen to new episodes? Our first episode of the season we talked about social media trolls. Have you had one? Listen in as we discuss our  own experiences and those of others, and try to offer helpful advice on what you can do if you ever run into one. Check out our other episodes while you are there.

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