Podcasters Schedule

New Podcasters are always place on top


  • Today’s Insights w/Pastor Samanthea Jones
  • Spreading Joy with Joyce
  • Restoration For Life with Dr. Ruby Ward

Monday Podcasters

  • Back In The Black Host Frank Mosely
  • LJDLive Morning Show with Lina & Megan (pre-recorded) 
  • Manifest Monday Mahogany Fawn Mobcast
  • ~Just Me~ Host Lina Jones

Tuesday Podcasters

  • Social Healthwork
  • Turn up Tuesday with Mahogany Fawn Mobcast
  • DTS Host Valerie Williams
  • ~Just Me~ Host Lina Jones

Wednesday Podcasters

  • Spreading Joy with Joyce
  • LJDNLive with Lina & Megan
  • Today’s Insights with Pastor Samanthea
  • WTF Wednesday Mahogany Fawn Mobcast

Thursday Podcasters

  • Eating for Energy & Weight loss with Rita Haddad
  • The Constitutional Patriot Podcast with Scott Harris
  • The LOFF
  • LJDNLive with Noir Raven


  • PHAT Baby Unbothered & Unfiltered
  • LNCL /The Purple Princess
  • LJDNShow Archives
  • ITC (In The Cut w/Jay)

Saturday Podcasters

  • Social Health Work Show
  • Millennial Politics with Noir Raven
  • LJDNShow Archives
  • LJDNLive Morning Show with Lina & Megan
  • ITC (In the Cut)

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