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Title: “Sleeping with The Enemy: Navigating Entrepreneurship as a Trailblazing Woman”

Embark on a transformative journey through “Sleeping with The Enemy,” where the raw realities of entrepreneurship as a pioneering woman are explored. Balancing the demands of self-employment with familial responsibilities can be an uphill battle, exacerbated by the negative energy emanating from loved ones. In this poignant podcast series, we delve deep into the challenges faced when the ones closest to us become our biggest detractors. Despite the lack of support from spouses or partners, love often complicates the pursuit of business success. Through candid conversations and insightful suggestions, we shed light on strategies for overcoming these obstacles and empowering yourself as a trailblazer. Join us as we navigate the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship, seeking to redefine success on our own terms.



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Lina Jones

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Big Homie Eddie Key

757 Stop The Violence Documentary

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An Ongoing Documentary Podcast Series
Produced by
Eddie Key & Company

Hello family, my name is Eddie Key from Memphis TN, I was a troubled kid all my life, been on my on since the age of 10 and was I was in the state pen by the of 14, but look at God 💪🏾 I’m Here. I’m here to share how to get over the streets to anyone who needs it, so please join and support, our children needs the love 💙

New Christmas single “JacK Frost” On All Platforms

Eddie Key

Good Girl Bad Behavior

purple princess

About My Podcast

Although I haven’t recorded a Podcast in a while doesn’t mean I am not coming back. Just like you, life gets in the way, you know your  OTJ issues, working, dealing with these negros out here… need I say more. I hope you enjoy my podcast which is about life, my life, and sometimes that can suck.  Never stop #reinventing yourself.

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Noir Raven

noir raven

LJDNLive Conversations @8 with Noir Raven

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About My Podcast

Noir Raven videos are about politics, life, and at times GenZ dating. He discusses trending topics regarding what’s going on in the world today his topics vary. Although quirky Raven is very serious about today’s situations and hopes to run for a political office in his future.